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Dollars Go Where The Egyptian Government Flushes Them

It’s the government’s job to set the monetary policy and what this means is setting pressuring powers over currency flows. Intentions put aside, actual pressuring powers are what we are analyzing here. Away From Banks Dollars are definitely being pushed outside banks. Of course the government intends to push them into banks but the current policies are definitely going against that. One would […]


  You make once choice of being somewhere, and it changes everything. All you did is go there. And there happens everything. It gets into you. It gets to you. Let’s explore how your surrounding can impact you. Seeing Is Believing, They Say Well we say seeing is also living. When you see things, you live them and live in them more and […]


Seeking financial return isn’t greed. It’s just a survival tool, no matter how hard or not you try. We will reflect on the Return concept and options, in a very local manner, local to Egypt and in a very simple way. Verb To Invest It’s a verb, an action. You invest, you get return. That’s not really a revelation, is it? […]

The Papers!

Having a normally smooth and beautiful urban life is part of our big city dreams. A tiny example of that is having newspapers available, readable and appealing. In most of the world’s major cities like New York, London and Paris, newspapers still represent the most widely distributed written medium. While in some less fortunate cities, people seek online media because they can’t find […]

Dollar Routes in Egypt

If we agree that everybody is an investor in a way or another, then everybody is definitely concerned by the US Dollar exchange rate, simply because it affects prices in a many ways: prices of commodities, loans, services and others. Supply & Demand define prices changes. To be more accurate, in Egypt it’s availability that matters most. It’s then important […]

Hooked on the Future

Probably all of us have heard that phrase at some point in their lives”The future holds for you a lot of surprises”. Some of us see it as a good thing, while others fear it. Some us stay fixated on the idea of the future that they forget their present. We sometimes forget to indulge in our moments and look around […]

“The Big Short” Short Review

As a Wall Street company, we love giving critiques on the new hit Wall Street movie The Big Short, starring Ryan Gosling, Christian Bale, Steve Carell and Brad Pitt. Our review is based on academic factors from a normal audience viewpoint. The review has definitely some Wall Street flavor, coming from us. The Movie in Brief In short, the movie portrays the […]

Egypt Bans Those Imports!

Effective early March 2016, none of the below products could be imported to Egypt Dairy products Fruits Oils Chocolate and cocoa products Candy Juices Mineral water Cosmetics & Perfumes Stencils & Kitchen kits Sanitary products Toilet paper and diapers Household appliances (kettles, boilers, air conditioners, dishwashers …etc.) House & office furniture Bikes and motorbikes Watches House lights Toys Source: Al-Mal […]

Analysts’ Take on Investing in Egypt in 2016!

The countdown to New Year’s brings to Egypt a new down-ticking clock of the January prospective events. No one can tell whether there will be celebrations or unrest, and no one would want any unrest to take place, but financial analyst would definitely take into consideration the economic factor into the financial commentaries. Here is a scan of what the top Egyptian financial […]

The Curious Case of Egyptian Investors

It’s really very unusual that the definition of investors is so vague, but this is the beauty of it, because everybody, just everybody can be an investor. If you roam around New Cairo, you’ll find many boroughs allocated by the city authorities as Investors Borough. And you’ll find references to all places north and south to the Investors Borough, until […]