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Knowledge is key when your company’s executives and team members are negotiating any one of a hundred deals you negotiate while conducting business everyday.

Every business professional negotiates at least one deal per workday!

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Our team of consultants, researchers, analysts and business secretaries act as your proxy in researching and negotiating all your deals.

By being on retainer deal, you will be automatically subscribed to the following services:

Productivity Services

A world-class secretary-as-a-service provided by our experienced executive secretaries helps you boost your productivity by delegating the closure of all possible matters, which allows you to open more opportunities. Our productivity services is branded done.

Research Services

Our research associates will empower you with all the needed information for a certain task, deal or project. Desk research is an art that our team has always mastered in due diligence, mergers and acquisitions for over 35 years. We are availing all this experience to you and your team.

Closure Services

A partner-level leader from our team will preside your negotiations and acts as your proxy in deals you delegate to our firm. Our objective is reflected by our success fee which we charge you only in case a deal is closed and matches your specified business objectives.

Future executives need not only more time, but also clarity of mind in order to focus only on pressing business matters and opportunities.

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