Egypt’s Business-Driven Economy

Egypt’s economy today is arguably sitting on a pivot, with all the positive attributes of a pivotal situation. More International Monetary Fund (IMF) loans are being facilitated than ever in volume and in number. Subsidy is being lifted month after month. Higher taxes are being raised. On one front, these reforms squeeze the struggling individuals in the economy, and on […]

How Local Businesses Impact the Egyptian Community

Local businesses are what Egypt needs the most at this point in time. Right after the devaluation of the Egyptian pound, all the goods and services provided by international organizations had their prices shooting up. This had a negative impact on the Egyptian community as a whole, whether end consumers or businesses. Having local businesses spreading allover the country is […]


Business is all about uncertainty, a positive form of uncertainty where potential, opportunity and innovations around every corner would take economies places and make a huge leap towards the future of humanity. And with this uncertainty come some acceptable risks and threats that add to the thrill but also add to the magnitude of opportunity; an easy target is never […]

Cost-Saving Kit for Business Rookies

Entrepreneurship by numbers The startup industry in Egypt is becoming well renowned with the rise of numerous resources for entrepreneurs to explore at the early stages of their initiatives, as stated by the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) Egypt national report. It is becoming a vital instrument to tackle the expansion of youth unemployment as well. In fact, the majority of […]

Harvard Researcher & AUC Professor on What to Expect after Floating Egyptian Pound

“Fasten your seat belt, Egypt, and brace yourself for some turbulence,” this is how Dr. Ayman Ismail, Business Administration Professor at the American University in Cairo (AUC) started his post. Here is a quick brief on what to expect when authorities announce the floating of the Egyptian Pound rate, expected soon according to various resources. US Dollar Exchange Rate To Spike […]

Dollars Go Where The Egyptian Government Flushes Them

It’s the government’s job to set the monetary policy and what this means is setting pressuring powers over currency flows. Intentions put aside, actual pressuring powers are what we are analyzing here. Away From Banks Dollars are definitely being pushed outside banks. Of course the government intends to push them into banks but the current policies are definitely going against that. One would […]

The Papers!

Having a normally smooth and beautiful urban life is part of our big city dreams. A tiny example of that is having newspapers available, readable and appealing. In most of the world’s major cities like New York, London and Paris, newspapers still represent the most widely distributed written medium. While in some less fortunate cities, people seek online media because they can’t find […]

Egypt Bans Those Imports!

Effective early March 2016, none of the below products could be imported to Egypt Dairy products Fruits Oils Chocolate and cocoa products Candy Juices Mineral water Cosmetics & Perfumes Stencils & Kitchen kits Sanitary products Toilet paper and diapers Household appliances (kettles, boilers, air conditioners, dishwashers …etc.) House & office furniture Bikes and motorbikes Watches House lights Toys Source: Al-Mal […]

Renault Egypt Campaign: Under The Spot

We see ourselves in Wall Corp as marketers in the field of financial services. Our primary passion is maximizing value to our clients, just like all marketers. We just do it better. That said, we’re putting our friends in Renault marketing team in Egypt under the spot for the campaign that was launched earlier in September 2015. Here is what Renault […]

Uber Did Nothing New, Almost

They did nothing new anyway. Uber is just a company with no assets, almost no staff and definitely no relevant experience or expertise. If you want to consider intangible assets, they don’t even own crowdsourcing and they definitely are not the first to tackle the need for easy and comfortable transport, public or private. On the other hand, Uber has a […]