Welcome to Wall Street

Wall Street is not just a location, rather a career, a mood, a lifestyle, a world. If you are based out of our 14 Wall St office, you’ll also get the physical location part.

Wall Consulting is pleased to welcome you to Wall Street if you’re joining our team in either of our offices where you enjoy going to Wall Street for work, in all senses & meanings of the word.

Welcome to Wall Street!


Associate Researcher and Business Secretary

Ard El-Golf Office, Remote Allowed

The Why

  • We help executives achieve more
  • We enable aspiring business leaders to lead an executive lifestyle
  • We empower our clients’ businesses with productivity, information and negotiation

The What

  • You will help client executives and leaders research the information they need to conduct their day-to-day business and personal matters
  • You will manage our executives and leaders’ calendars, tasks, appointments, bookings, events and overall productivity
  • You will act as proxy and contact point between executives and all parties within their business and in the outer world as well
  • You will report to the firm’s executive secretary and top management/partners

The Who

  • Business background, knowledge of common notions of conducting business and overall understanding of office operation
  • Research skills and ability to find information, contacts and solving problems
  • Communicative and extroverted personality who will be able to communicate efficiently with multiple internal and external stakeholders
  • Proven success stories of achievement, self-start and self-drivebased on the information provided to you
  • Senior, junior or fresh-graduate, it doesn’t really matter, as long as you have the above points covered – you will be paid according to your skill not your years of experience

Apply Here

We accept applications using LinkedIn profiles. Full resumes would still be required later, but we use LinkedIn for our initial scanning.