What Clients Want

What Clients Want

Classic questions in the minds of businessmen and women. What really matters is not the answer but more importantly what you can learn from the answers and what can be generalized on the business scene in Egypt.

What do our clients want from us as a consulting firm? What do they constantly request? And what does that mean for the business scene in Egypt?

As a consulting firm, with clientele from across the board and from all locations, we receive requests, mandates and inquiries everyday. Check out the main themes of the our clients want to know and what goes on in their minds. Try to see if your business or your employer has the same inquiries:

Do we need investment?

Michael Flint mentioned in his study that 82% of business failure is due to poor cash flow management. Flint also found that 79% fail because of starting up with too little money.

On the other hand,
of startups that received good investment failedas found in a study by Harvard’s Shikhar Gosh published in the Journal.

Shikhar Gosh of Harvard Business School, a flagship scholar of bold opinions and knowledge on Entrepreneurship. Photo courtesy of Global Business.

It is then understandable if our clients are asking us whether receiving investment is something that suits their size, industry and team. It is never an easy answer.

Why them not us?

Many of our very successful clients get very frustrated when they fail to land a good investment while other companies, that they perceive as of lower value, land a big investment. It feels unfair and they feel like failing.

Our job is to reveal to our clients the secrets of the investment scene and how investors think because this is really what impacts the investment decision.

“Many great businesses raise investment,
yet many greater ones do not!”

It is not intuitive or logical how investors usually think. It took us years of working with investors, negotiating deals with our clients and landing so many investments for our clients until we figured out the answers to this question: Why Them?

Startups lands millions of dollars worth of investment. It is hard to tell what businesses are considered of potential in the eyes of investors. Photo courtesy of USA Today.

Tune in to our upcoming training events. We usually love to talk about this topic to all our clients, corporate or individuals.
Check our upcoming trainings here.

How to better position our business?

Even the most advanced businesses are in constant challenge when it comes to how to position and portray their business in front of different stakeholders, especially those that are of high impact on the business such as shareholders, investors and most importantly clients.

It is of paramount importance to get your reports as a business professional to reflect your business’s success to the different stakeholders. It is essentially a question of branding, a big part of that job is financial.

Image of three business people working at meeting
Photo courtesy of Elite Express Network.
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