Close Deals,  Open Opportunities and Achieve Fast!

Close Deals, Open Opportunities and Achieve Fast!

We believe in speed in doing business. Streamlining your negotiations adds value to your overall productivity and operation. Business professionals negotiate a lot on daily basis. Small or large deals, we negotiate every single day, more than once! These deals could be part of your core operations and could as well be a supporting function.

Wouldn’t it be just great if you take 35 years of experience to the negotiation table with you?

Researchers, analysts, assigned business research secretary and a partner-level executive join your team and negotiate with you. Our team prepares all the required research, due diligence and documentation needed for the deal and we go into the negotiation room with you and help you close the deals, from the smallest to the largest.

These are examples of the deals you wish you can swiftly strike everyday:

  • Supplier contract
  • Client deal
  • Offering a salary to a new hire
  • Office rent rate
  • Bank loan principal amount and interest rate

We are with you in them all and the biggest part of the fees we charge you are success fees. The retainer agreement option guarantees our immediate availability for your next deal.

You also get access to our secretary-as-a-service productivity services where an assigned secretary acts as your personal executive secretary and serves as your proxy in dealing with our firm and all other stakeholders in your business and your executive personal life too, in order to help you focus on only what matters. We call this service done.

What is your next deal? Reach out on our WhatsApp Business account by sending a message to 012-0009-DONE now