Press Release: done DEAL Service Branding Update

We are updating the structure and branding of our services. Our consulting services focus around only 2 services now: negotiation and productivity.

  • Under negotiation services come feasibility studies, valuations and all the services that our clients have always requested. No changes there. They will only come under a negotiation umbrella and additional value-add for the clients, more focus on objectives and better branding “DEAL
  • All our services (including traditional auditing) are best consumed via our new productivity and business secretary services. Simply put, it’s an outsourced business-secretary-as-a-service offering, which we call “done” and will be soft-launched this August

Together, both services are branded “done DEAL“.

Service Brand


Business-Secretary-As-A-Service & Productivity Services


Agreement, Deal and Offer Negotiation Services

These services are offered to our clients in all regions and segments either separately or in a bundle.
For more information about the services, please speak to your Wall Consultant.
In case you have any inquiries, please write to us at