We elected to compile our beliefs, vision & sources of motivation into a unified motto. Modern marketing no longer relies much on slogans anyway. This motto will be our driver both internally among our teams & externally with our clients & partners. What motivates our team members is definitely unique to each yet we are aligned on what collectively drives us.

The visuals cite 2 main resources: The photo is from the movie The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. In the movie, this was the last cover of the hardcopy Life magazine, “The Quintessence of Life,” and the photographer and editors noted the quote, “The last issue, dedicated to the people who made it.”
This screenshot is also from a slide deck we used in our keynote speech in an event hosted by Université de Nantes in the French University in Egypt on urban entrepreneurship.

Life… dedicated to those who make it.


What one calls “life” is what matters and motivates. Many would consider good living standards as a fair definition of life. Some would define life by the chance to see places and travel the world. Other would define life as the activities one makes and adventures one goes through.
Our definition of life is very simple. It’s just our daily life in our cities, from the time we wake up to our journey through our daily activities. Our houses, our local news, our neighborhoods, our bodegas, our daily transport, our cities, our urban life…

Those Who Make It

It’s those who survive daily challenges, see the bright side & can eventually live the life of their dreams, or at least the life they call “life”. Those who understand life are those who make life possible, make life worth living & make our dreams a reality. It’s those inspiring people who make life, the quintessence of life.



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