You make once choice of being somewhere, and it changes everything. All you did is go there. And there happens everything. It gets into you. It gets to you. Let’s explore how your surrounding can impact you.

Seeing Is Believing, They Say

Well we say seeing is also living. When you see things, you live them and live in them more and more. Some of us are more visual than others, yet everybody gets so much impacted when they see something, which explains why seeing the sea makes people relax.

Now, we invite you to look around and analyze what you see everyday, starting from your bedroom, your house, your neighborhood, your office & desk and your entire city. While you can control some of those, you have very little choice over the rest. You can’t change your neighborhood or city, but you can choose that at least.

While we’re talking about seeing, we can’t neglect hearing. It definitely affects you similar. Pause now, check what you’re listening to and identify how this is impacting you right now. It does impact you, doesn’t it?

It Changes Your Expectations

Live in New York City and you’ll expect everything to be as fast and ambitious as the city. You’ll even expect yourself to be so, and you’ll consider yourself a failure if you’re not. You’ll look at outliers to this culture as slackers who simply don’t get it.

If you go to northern Europe, you’ll value ethics, rules, respect & dignity. Any outliers to this will be very strange to you. Accordingly, you’ll expect this to be your own lifestyle of that of literally everybody around you too.

Now if you return to Cairo, you’ll simply live with what’s around you anyway. Car horns won’t bother you, just like a dirty street will be just fine.

Have you noticed it yet? It’s not about you, it’s about where you are.

Little Choices Make Huge Difference

If you want to control your life and how you want to live, there are definitely some small choices that you can make in order to alter things around. Drive down the road you like because all roads lead to Rome at the end of the day.

It’s definitely ok to take a longer road if it’s cleaner, safer and less jammed. Statistically, jammed roads are always the shortest. Find a longer route that will be less jammed with traffic and that would make your ride worth it.

While this is literally very valuable when it comes to traffic and driving, it also applies to many choices you make. It doesn’t always have to be the shortest or the most expensive path to everything. A more convenient patch is fine too.

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