Hooked on the Future

Hooked on the Future

Probably all of us have heard that phrase at some point in their lives”The future holds for you a lot of surprises”. Some of us see it as a good thing, while others fear it. Some us stay fixated on the idea of the future that they forget their present. We sometimes forget to indulge in our moments and look around and appreciate our current state, and we are so eager to reaching a destination in the future that we persuade ourselves that it would be much more better. We do this consciously or unconsciously frequently or not so often, but we do it on so many levels of our lives.

Examples of this varies from new parents investing all their money in real estate believing that the kids would yield the outcome. Or a fresh graduate holding all his money in bonds for a better future. Another example, is an employee tying all his money in a retirement plan, that he would make use of only when he’s too old to enjoy.

This is not a message for people to stop doing that, I don’t think that we should stop, but I believe that moderation is the key. It’s important not to over do it. We shouldn’t hold back from enjoying our lives now, just in hope that we will have all the time and resources in the future to do that. We shouldn’t be hating our life style and city, hoping that we will move to another city at some point and live happily there. There will always be some good times and bad times, everything has it’s pros and cons. Life is full of up and downs, now and in the future. So, why are we pretending otherwise, why are we obsessed with the idea that the future is only good, and the present is only bad, and we are forgetting that we are the same people, and we have the choice or feeling good or bad about our present or future.

So, lets put things into perspective, and fully appreciate what we have, while we do, and in addition, let’s plan and wish that our future will be as amazing, beautiful, and full of hope, but making sure that our present isn’t any less joyful. Simply put, let’s find the reality of our dreams now, and enjoy it.

If you are still reading this, you probably are because you are trying to understand what does this blog have to do with this website, and how did it even end up here. The answer is simple, investments are key to our future and to our present. Investing smartly doesn’t have to mean that you sacrifice your happiness and fulfillment now. Smart investments should empower your present as well as your future. Smart investments should support your present well being. Smart investments help you in finding this part of your dream that is real and can be enjoyed now.

So, the next time you decide to invest, think if this is a smart investment, or not, because if not, then it’s definitely not worth it.