The Curious Case of Egyptian Investors

The Curious Case of Egyptian Investors

It’s really very unusual that the definition of investors is so vague, but this is the beauty of it, because everybody, just everybody can be an investor.

If you roam around New Cairo, you’ll find many boroughs allocated by the city authorities as Investors Borough. And you’ll find references to all places north and south to the Investors Borough, until you’ll be chocked (or not) by the fact that the investors they refer to are large real estate corporations.

348545152_8a4e55ff2e_oCharging Bull of Wall Street

Not only is it a terminology confusion between corporations as an entity and shareholders as individuals, it’s a misunderstanding of who investors are.

Well, who do we
or should we call


Yes, investors are those who give up money for return payback. That’s what corporate founders do when they start their corporates up. That’s what shareholders do when they seek to be part of a starting up corporation.

But also, this is what you do when you buy a stock in the Stock Market, isn’t it? This is what you do when you buy some bonds in a company or treasury bills from the government.

Hey, isn’t this what it is when you put your money in a bank? Of course it is, you keep your money hoping for more return.

It’s that everybody can be an investor.
Everybody is already an investor,
well in a way

It’s a question of whether to have fixed yet low returns or whether to share the risk with the majority owners of the corporation or the bank and hence get higher return. Oh yeah, and what if you are wealthy enough to purchase real-estate and for sure get high returns later on? (We doubt this previous statement anyway. To read more about real-estate investments, read this.)

There are still questions to ask yourself regarding
whether you’re doing the right investment

Of course, is this the best return I can get for this amount of money? What’s the opportunity cost of giving up other investment opportunities? Is it worth giving up those opportunities? What’s the risk index of this industry? How does my investment react to changes in the surrounding economy?

Yeah, lots of cliché questions. Let’s move on off those. Let’s ask the basic question. It’s not really a question. It’s an advice


Don’t invest too much!

Enjoy the money you have and don’t be fooled by the Wall Street Charging Bull (check picture above for Charging Bull) effect. Investment is supposed to help you earn more to enjoy life more. It shouldn’t be too risky. Seek consultants help on how much you should/could invest. Forget about the dollar coins or excel sheets. Investment is all about the success, the life beyond the earnings and the success beyond the return.

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