The Egyptian Version of the American Dream

The Egyptian Version of the American Dream

The American Dream is nothing but a humble wish of an average American. A house, a backyard, a car and a spouse. Both the tangible and intangible sides of the American Dream manifest in living a simple joyful life. It represents the basic rights to a happy stable life that you can share with those you love. You can replace house with family, backyard with a practicing a hobby, car with your favorite food …etc. Anything that makes you happy in the simplest form could be part of the American Dream. But the way it was created mainly focuses on this nice lifestyle that anyone can wish for. It doesn’t contradict with any further ambitions one can have; anything else comes above and beyond the American Dream.

We’re presenting you with very basic, tangible and minimal components of what could be called the American Dream in Egypt.


A House with a Neighborhood

Why is this important? Because you can have your dream house but in worst neighborhood. They have to come together.
This takes you around EGP 1 million.

A Car that Actually Moves

A car is a car plus services plus spare parts. For the cheapest car that actually moves in fact you need around EGP 100 thousand at least.

A Spouse

In a nutshell, you need to be a millionaire in order to provide a ring, a bracelet, some dishes, a wedding reception ceremony, a house (see first point) and you should anticipate all sorts of expenses such as household and schooling. Crazy amounts of millions of pounds.


Going from one place to another, in one piece, with sweating or being humiliated. Well, see the Car section. That’s almost the only way.


This sarcastic scan is actually true if you want to apply international standards to the quality of life in Egypt. But does this mean you really need to be a millionaire in order to survive Egypt? In Wall Corp, we don’t think so. We believe it’s doable. You can still live a good life in a good city. Stay tuned…

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