Uber Did Nothing New, Almost

Uber Did Nothing New, Almost

Uber in New York City, photo courtesy of

They did nothing new anyway. Uber is just a company with no assets, almost no staff and definitely no relevant experience or expertise. If you want to consider intangible assets, they don’t even own crowdsourcing and they definitely are not the first to tackle the need for easy and comfortable transport, public or private.

On the other hand, Uber has a perfect operations process. A perfectly controlled riding experience is probably their best operation process. You login easily, accurately choose your pickup point without the need of other apps or providers, pick your destination and know in advance about the fare, driver, car and almost everything. Almost flawless.

But seriously? Just a perfect operation process could lead Uber to a forecast of $10bn of revenue? (business insider) That’s as big of a revenue as a large tech corp. But Uber has almost nothing compared to even an average tech corp. They just have a perfect process. Seriously?

That’s what we call the #EightyTwenty. For Uber, it’s al about these 20% of intangible assets out of the average assets of a tech company that could allow Uber to generate 80% of the desired revenue that Uber ever dreamt of achieving. It’s the 20% that lead to the 80%.

It’s still worth mentioning or actually wondering how would Uber’s future look like. Being pioneers doesn’t mean they won’t have competitors. Being mostly in a market economy, other providers would improve their services in no time and even oust Uber out of the competition. That’s probably why Uber has launched its Initial Public Offering (IPO) yet. They probably don’t know what else to do with the invested money they would get. Would or Have Uber started planning for its next product/service?

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